Whether you are an experienced investor, or a newly minted landlord, you can benefit from the professional management of your rental property.  Handing off the marketing, screening, and day-to-day management of your property can not only save you a lot of time, but it can also save you a lot of money.  With the plethora of laws and regulations that Landlords are required to operate within, one mistake could be very, very costly.  Mitigating this risk alone can more than justify the fees charged by a professional management company.

Why We're Different
We are a boutique management firm.  You won't find a large staff with dozens of property managers, managing a portfolio of thousands of homes.  This is by design.  We specialize in quality properties in desirable areas.  Our focus on quality over quantity allows us to do things like... return phone calls.  Heck, if we're not on an appointment, we even answer the phone!  We take great pride in the the properties that we represent, and treat them as if they were our own.  We don't skimp on marketing.  We make the necessary investment so that the value of your investment is maximized.  And, while "customer service" can seem like a tired cliché these days, you'll quickly find that providing unparalleled service is what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Professional Property Manager?
The two biggest reasons to hire a professional are; one - to mitigate risk, and two – for peace of mind. Being up to date on all of the current landlord-tenant laws, fair housing edicts, and other current issues is critical to avoid issues that could end up in legal battles. There is also a good argument to made for the quality of tenant that a professional PM company can attract and maintain.

Does it cost a lot to hire a Professional?
Professional Management will cost you considerably less than it would if you did it yourself and made a mistake. The wrong advertising, the wrong question, the wrong tenant... these could cost you much, much, more. Like most things, you get what you pay for.

What do your fees cover?
Leasing fee includes: rental assessment (cma), professional photos and video, a robust marketing campaign, qualifying/showing prospective tenants, thorough tenant screening and background checks, negotiation and drafting of lease documents, and thorough move-in inspection. The leasing fee also covers the first month's management fee. Management fee includes: rent collection and enforcement of lease terms, online rent payments, 24 hour on-call emergency service, tenant point of contact for anything and everything, complete vendor management and bill paying (for work needed on the home), pre-screened vendors, complete accounting w/ 24 hour owner access to our website (for financial info, docs, etc.), direct deposit to owners account, thorough move-out inspection, settlement of security deposit.

How much contact will we have with the tenants?
Absolutely none. One of the benefits of using professional management is that you'll never have to interact with a tenant. Besides the obvious benefit of not having to field phone calls for clogged toilets and negotiating rent increases, you're also shielding yourself as an owner from the potential liability of saying the wrong thing.

How do you screen and qualify potential tenants?
Qualifying tenants is the first step in determining how good a fit a potential tenant will be for the property. However, the actual screening is probably the single most important determinant of a good rental experience. Before that, simply qualifying potential tenants We contract with a professional third party screening company that runs each applicant through a thorough battery of screenings, including but not limited to; credit check, multi-state criminal background check, previous rental verification, employment verification, as well as cross referencing terrorist watch lists and sex offender registries. We take our screening very seriously, and do not deviate from the rental criteria that we use.

How often do you check on the property?
We do exterior inspections on a monthly basis. As a matter of practice, we end up doing an interior inspection in nearly every home we manage at least once every six months - particularly the first term of the lease. This is by virtue of the tenant needing something looked at, etc. which gives us the opportunity to have a look inside. Otherwise, we do a full walkthrough inspection prior to signing a lease renewal. It should be noted that if we were to find anything out of sorts when doing our exterior inspection, then we would immediately schedule an interior walkthrough.

What happens if something breaks?
In the event that something breaks, which is inevitable in a home - rental or not - then the tenant calls us. Depending on the preference of the owner, we would either schedule one of our vendors to have a look and make any necessary repairs, or, we would call the owner to discuss first.

How do you market to potential tenants?
One of the things that sets us apart is the quality of our marketing. We don't skimp. After the initial consultation in how to prepare and present the home, we hire professional photographers to help showcase each home in the best light. This is the first step in maximizing the rent that we're able to command for the home. You'll also find that we use professional walkthrough videos, which you won't find too many property managers doing. As for advertising, each home is listed via the MLS and other 3rd party websites which in turn syndicate out to hundreds of websites.

How do owners get paid and access financial reports?
We collect rent from tenants via EFT, and in turn, we send monthly payments to owners via EFT (direct deposit). While we don't send out reports, per se, Owners have their own web portal, where all financial statements, documents, and receipts can be accessed 24/7/365!

Can I stop worrying about everything if I hire you?
As it relates to your property - YES! However, you may continue to worry about other aspects of your life if you wish.